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Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure

Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure I, the applicant, in consideration of West View Savings Bank issuing to me an Online Banking authorization Password and Access Identification hereby agree to be legally bound by the following Terms and Conditions listed below. By using my Access ID and temporary Password, it constitutes my acceptance, understanding and agreement to the terms of the Online Banking Agreement. Throughout this document, the singular pronouns will also be defined as plural if more than one account owner applies for the service for the same accounts.


I am an owner/authorized user listed on the application form. I hereby request that West View Savings Bank (the “Bank”) issue to me an Access ID and Password to be used to access these accounts through the Online Banking system.


I understand that I will be able to access my account to view balances, account histories, statements, to transfer funds between accounts, order checks, initiate stop payments, any future services and pay bills depending on the type of access I have designated for my accounts.


I agree that from time to time the Bank may amend or change the terms of this Agreement including amendments or changes to the Online Banking system or to amend or change the charges for these services. The Bank may do so by notifying me in writing of such amendments or changes and use of the Online Banking service after the effective date of any such amendments or changes shall constitute my acceptance of and agreement to such amendments or changes.


I understand that online bill payment is provided to me for my convenience and at my request. The actual payment of such bills is handled by an independent third party and the Bank cannot and will not be held responsible for the completion and accuracy of such transactions. The Bank will assist me with my research request, if I notify the Bank by telephone or mail.


I understand that any scheduled funds transfer requests made through the Online Banking service prior to 4:00 PM EST will be posted on the same business day. Any requests that occur after 4:00 PM EST will be posted on the next business day.


I hereby acknowledge my privilege to use the Online Banking service under this Agreement as well as the terms and agreements originally disclosed to me at the time I opened my Bank accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the Truth in Savings Disclosure, Schedule of Service Charges and Fees, the Funds Availability Policy, the Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) Regulation E Disclosure, Privacy Policy Notice and all material disclosures regarding the operations of loan and savings accounts.


I understand that: I will get a monthly statement from the Bank for each deposit transaction account, if there is an electronic banking transaction to or from that account in that month. In any case I will get a statement at least quarterly, and, if I bring my passbook to any office of the Bank, all electronic transactions that were made to my savings account will be recorded since the last update in said passbook. The Bank does not send periodic statements on passbook savings accounts or Christmas club accounts.


I agree to pay the charges or transaction fees, which are charged by the Bank for this service. I understand these charges may be changed from time to time. Charges will be deducted from the primary checking or other account that I have assigned for this purpose on the application. (Please refer to the Schedule of Service Charges and Fees.)


I agree to contact the Bank immediately if I believe that my Access ID and/or Password have been lost, stolen or if unauthorized transactions have taken place on my account(s). I also agree that if my monthly statement shows transaction(s), which I did not make, and I do not contact you within 60 days after the statement was mailed, I may not recover any money lost after that time. I agree that if I give my Access ID and Password to someone else to use, I am authorizing them to act on my behalf and I will be responsible for any use or misuse of the Online Banking service by them. (Please refer to the EFT Disclosure.) If the Bank does not complete a transfer to or from my account, not including a bill payment (please see “Bill Payment”), on time or in the correct amount, the Bank may be liable for my losses. However, there are some exceptions; the Bank will not be liable:


I understand that the Bank’s Online Banking service is offered in a secure environment (as long as I use a secure browser) in order to afford protection for account numbers, balances, bill payment information and other personal data, which may be transmitted by or to me through the Internet. I agree to change my Password upon my initial access to the system. I agree that I will designate what my new Password will be and that the Bank does not have access to my Password. For security reasons, I further agree that the Bank will not be responsible for monitoring transactions to determine if they were indeed made by the authorized user. I agree that I am responsible for the security of my Access ID and Password and I agree to properly safeguard this information. I acknowledge that, if not utilized, my Access ID and Password will become dormant after 90 days. I will be required to enroll as a new user to reactivate the Access ID and Password.

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